The goal of the sales team should be helping the growth of the customers to the point that they start recommending the services to their friends and family. This way, millions of strangers will get accustomed to your services. According to a survey, 85% of people trust `, and 91% of people tend to occasionally check online reviews before opting for a service or making a purchase.

Online testimonials or reviews are gold since they generate transparency of your company's kind of service. As they read the happy and satisfied customer reviews experience, they started trusting your services. Students usually hesitate to purchase online assignments due to scam companies' rise. But due to their hectic schedule, they feel the urgency to avail writing help solution. Nowadays, every student read customer reviews before opting for the writing company's services. That is why it is necessary to prepare the sale team on handling customer reviews effectively. Further, in this blog, we will share some strategies on how the sales team should handle online reviews on different circumstances.

How to get the customers post reviews on the services?

As a sales team member, are you willing to learn the secret to getting online reviews? You would obviously want the customers to give good customer service. But it is not that simple than it sounds.

Here are a few reminders for you when asking customers to give reviews on your services:

  • Before you ask customers to give a review, consider asking yourself, “Has the customer had a good experience with the service?”, “Did they recently compliment on the services?” If they are more likely to give positive feedback, you may ask away. Avoid asking any review if you have any doubt about their experience.
  • Instead of just asking to give you a review, try asking, “Would you give us a 5-star review?”
  • Try to be as polite as possible while asking for feedback.
  • Be more specific about which platform you want them to leave a review.
  • Never feel awkward for asking them to leave a review for your services. Make sure you do it promptly.
  • If you are working for a big company and it is not possible to go around each customer asking for reviews, consider emailing the customers. When sending emails, ensure your call to action or CTA is clear and bold.
  • If you have a hard time getting online reviews, offer a coupon or some kind of incentive in exchange for an online customer review.

The customers will be more inclined to leave a review when you come up with a clever copy. These are a few ways you should train your sales team while encouraging or engaging customers for leaving reviews. Monitoring online reviews will help you see what needs to be done, and you can train your sales team accordingly.

How to Deal with Positive customer reviews?

Dealing with positive customer reviews is also an art. Below, we will share a few online customer reviews and share details on how you can respond to them.

  • You choose to respond publicly or privately to the customer by thanking him/her.
  • Let them know that they can contact you directly if they have any concerns or questions.
  • Always thank the customers for taking their time with reviewing your business.
  • Agree with them and state the behind-the reasons for how your company offered a great customer service.
  • Giving a proper reply to the customers also improves the reviews' search rankings
  • For better result, use the business name, location and category.
  • You can praise a specific worker who had gone out of the way to give the best service. This will make other writers check his or her skills.
  • Ask the customers to spread the word and recommend using another service they will like.

Replying to positive responses encourages the customers to return. It also shows a certain kind of transparency about your writing company. Customers will find the company reliable after seeing the sales team takes the effort to address each review online.

How to Handle Negative Reviews?

Ignoring an unpleasant review can make it worse for your business. You should not let the online wounds fester for a long time. Replying to negative feedback shows that you are not neglectful to feedback, and you take necessary steps to resolve the issue the customers are facing. Those reviews can be leveraged as a branding and marketing opportunity.

Here are a few ways to respond to negative reviews:

  • Maintain an apologizing and sympathetic tone when replying to negative reviews
  • Keep your reply simple, short and sweet. Avoid giving too many details because it might upset the customers more, leading them to add more negative replies.
  • If you want to limit the damage done, make sure you quickly answer to the review.
  • Some reviews can get nasty. But you need to maintain your calm and not stoop down to the level of unprofessionalism.
  • Never attack or retaliate with the customer.
  • Honesty shows transparency in your company which automatically builds trust. Customers will prefer an honest response to a genuine mistake committed by them.
  • Be thankful even you have received a harsh reply. Appreciate the customers for taking their time to criticize as you get the chance to make it right.
  • Sometimes just apologizing will not help. So consider giving some kind of credit, coupon code, a certain amount of refund or discount for the next order.

By following the guideline above, you will reach out to more customers and gain their trust in your company. Make sure you reply to all the issue and arrange solutions as quickly as possible.

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