Customer reviews and testimonials can be one of your most outstanding sales tools. Over 70% of consumers claim they look at product reviews before making a purchase, and displaying ecommerce reviews can increase the conversion rates of a business by 270%

Whether they appear on the website of your business, the social media pages, on other sites where the products are sold, or on famous review sites like BBB or Google My Business,, the significance of recent customer reviews can never be undermined. Social proof can reassure hesitant shoppers, offer additional context, and reduce returns by ensuring that the buyers are satisfied with the purchase.

However, the challenge arises when one attempts to source reviews for the business or products. Are you set to instill trust in your business, create meaningful social proof, and establish the brand you love? Here are certain top-notch tips that will help you go beyond and generate reviews for your company as a part of your reputation management strategy-

Vital Ways To Increase Ecommerce Reviews Significantly

Getting those first customer reviews under your belt can be a tad bit challenging; but, once you have experimented a bit to observe what works, you will have an easy time finding remarkable ways to streamline the process. Here are a few unique ways to start resourcing your reviews directly-

1. Encourage Friends And Family To Leave Positive Reviews

If you are simply beginning out and haven’t had any customers yet who can leave amazing reviews, then make an effort to seek assistance from your friends and family. We are not suggesting asking them to write raving reviews without trying out your products.

Ask a few people of your close circle to go through the entire purchase process, use the item, and then only write an informative review about their experience. This is also a brilliant way to work out any issues in your process early on.

2. Email Customers After Every Purchase Immediately

Once your customer has received their order, try to follow up within a specified time to inquire about their experience with you. This is also an amazing time to ask them to review their purchase. There exist numerous countless customer relationship management (CRM) tools that can help you automate the process efficiently.

3. Encourage The Customer Executives To Ask Happy Customers For Reviews

Asking for positive or negative reviews when there is already a line of communication established is the most effective way to generate reviews for your company. This personal, one-on-one interaction is guaranteed to drive more reviews than any of your impersonal methods. Furthermore, you can even incentivize your team to get the customers to post reviews with cash rewards.

4. Maintain A Remarkable Online Presence

It is crucial to make sure your business and products get listed across all appropriate platforms perfectly. Make sure that you can be found easily on BBB, Google My Business, or any social media platforms visited frequently by the target audience. Once you have a presence on each of these platforms, make sure the information you provide on these sites are accurate and reviews are enabled whenever possible. With these actions, any customers who come across positive reviews may be inspired to share their experience with others.

5. Engage With Customers On Social Media

The sheer popularity of various social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others has made them apt platforms to connect with your customers. Your customers will leave product or service feedback on these unique channels rather of your ecommerce sites as they already signed in and using them. This makes the barrier to entry much lower. By demonstrating regular engagement with your followers on those pages, you encourage even more engagement from them-which can be in the form of reviews or feedback.

Final Note

Soliciting ecommerce reviews can seem challenging. But, the above strategies with varying levels of involvement can increase your likelihood of generating more reviews for your business or products. The more precious time you invest in a review strategy, the more returns of investment (ROI) you are likely to witness overall.

To stay ahead of the game, one needs to provide a unique offering that sets you apart from the rest of the competitors. Providing a flawless customer experience through your eCommerce store and other avenues is a surefire way to help you accomplish just that.

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