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Assignmenthelp.us is a popular academic writing service with a large clientele and an array of reviews online. On average, it boasts 4.6 and 4.3 ratings on both Sitejabber and Trustpilot, respectively. This is indicative of the excellent quality of services and top-notch solutions, and the service's official website looks pretty prim and proper.

Experts of Assignment.Reviews carried out an in-depth investigation of Assignmenthelp.us and uncovered the following.

Company Overview

⇒ Official Website: https://assignmenthelp.us

⇒ Headquarters: Nicosia, Cyprus

⇒ Serving Countries: The United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, The European Union, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, India, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Jordan

⇒ Services: All types of academic writing services that provide in-depth guidance for assignments, coursework, homework, theses, dissertations, essays, research papers, etc.

⇒ Strength: 3000+

⇒ Payment Options:  All sorts of online and digital payments such as credit/debit cards, net banking, wire transfers, UPIs, PayPal, Stripe, etc.

⇒ Approximate Average Rating: 4.3

⇒ Prices: No price charts available on the official website; just a mention of an estimated cost of around $7.

⇒ Revision Policies: Assignmenthelp.us offers unlimited reworks and revisions of a solution up to 30 days from the delivery date.

⇒ Turnitin Reports: Assignmenthelp.us guarantees 100% original solutions but does not provide any plagiarism reports with the answers.

⇒ Delivery Timing: Assignmenthelp.us assures before or on-time deliveries.

⇒ Subject-Specific Experts: Assignmenthelp.us claims to possess more than 3000 post-graduate subject matter experts in all major academic domains and at every level.

Well, that was Assignmenthelp.us’ company overview. Let's now look at some student reviews from around the Internet.

Reviewing Student Feedback

Many different reviews are available all over the Internet, and quite a few are from Sitejabber & Trustpilot, two of the most trusted review aggregator platforms online.

Reviews on Sitejabber and Trustpilot can be trusted and considered genuine as those platforms scrutinize each & every review quite minutely. In addition, the consumer rating of Assignmenthelp.us on Sitejabber is 4.57 stars, which indicates that customers are pretty satisfied with the quality of services and the solutions they receive from this online academic service provider.

Here’s a review from Trustpilot.com:

assignmenthelp.us reviews

And here are two other reviews from Sitejabber.com à

assignmenthelp.us review

assignmenthelp.us review | assignment help review

As may be evident from the reviews above, clients are pretty satisfied with the quality of services and solutions offered by Assignmenthelp.us. The answers were just what the students ordered, and delivery practices were impeccable.

Most reviews on Trustpilot and Sitejabber are favorable, with just a lone 1-star review on each.

All in all, it can be said that Assignmenthelp.us is a legitimate academic writing service that aims to provide world-class solutions & in-depth academic support to students across the USA and beyond.

But is Assignmenthelp.us the right place to seek help when students face critical academic crises? The following answers make things clear.

Assignmenthelp.us: Truly The Right Choice??

As per the reviews and feedback found on the most prominent review aggregating platforms online, Assignmenthelp.us looks like the real deal. And, though there's no pricing chart on their official website, their prices seem affordable as Assignment. In addition, reviews have not found any complaints about high prices.

The questions sum up our findings.

⇒ Is Assignmenthelp.us Legit?

Well, from the looks of all the reviews & testimonials found across central review aggregating platforms, Assignmenthelp.us looks like a legit service that delivers quality academic assistance. They are NOT A SCAM but deliver reasonable quality solutions from qualified subject matter experts. Moreover, reviews express satisfaction over delivery practices, customized services, and 24*7 support.

⇒ Is Assignmenthelp.us the Best Assignment Help Service in the USA?

Putting the best label on a particular service is not simple. It requires extensive comparative study and much more thorough research.

However, Assignmenthelp.us can be counted among the best assignment help service in the United States of America. The company has genuine subject matter experts who craft top-notch solutions for every type of assignment. The rework and refund policies are student-friendly too.

Punctuality, affordability, proper academic support, and transparent policies make Assignmenthelp.us a top-tier service online.

⇒ Is Assignmentehlp.us reliable?

Yes, Assignmenthelp.us is a reliable service that guarantees authentic solutions. Furthermore, each answer is supposedly edited and proofread thoroughly before submission.

There’s no better way to verify a company’s claims than asking the people who did business with them. In this case, students who availed of Assignmenthelp.us' services are delighted with them, which clearly indicates the reliable nature of Assignmenthelp.us.

⇒ Is Assignmenthelp.us Safe?

The company has clear-cut refund, rework, and revision policies in place, as well as a 24*7 responsive customer support service. These are clear indicators that the company does business in a reliable & transparent manner.

⇒ Is Assignmenthelp.us fraud?

No, it is not as per the investigations conducted by Assignment. However, reviews, numerous genuine student reviews shine a positive light upon Assignmenthelp.us. Furthermore, the nature of the website, services, and policies are clear, structured, and transparent, further validating the safe and reliable nature of Assignmenthelp.us.

⇒ Cost of Availing Assignmenthelp.us’s Services

There are no specific price charts available on Assignmenthelp.us’ official website. But the company claims to offer a 20% discount plus an additional $20 off for every first order. And the minimal price provided by the business is a meager $7.

Assignmenthelp.us also offers discounts on bulk orders, referral bonuses, and myriad seasonal discounts throughout the year.

⇒ How Do We Get A Refund?

Assignmenthelp.us has proper refunding policies in place. The company offers students a 50% refund if the solution does not get them the required grades. However, students must place their refund requests within 30 days of delivery of their solutions.

One key thing to note is that Assignmenthelp.us does not offer cash refunds. Instead, registered users will find their refunds in their Assignmenthelp.us account wallet, which they can claim for their next assignment.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, Assignmenthelp.us is a legit & reliable academic writing service that offers top-quality support to one and all. Their prices are not exorbitant, and their solutions & services top of the line. The only thing that may bother many is the lack of cash refunds. However, if one can ignore this minor wrinkle, Assignmenthelp.us is a great place to seek assistance.

Overall, Assignmenthelp.us is a safe and reliable online academic service provider that offers quality aid.

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1 Review
Reviewed By Shobhitkumar on 10 Aug, 2022

This is not the first time I am availing any such service. I have recently availed one similar service from one of the other very popular brands. But the experience was terrible. I am so glad that I moved on to assignmenthelp.us . This is so much better.

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