Terms of Use

1. Important Definitions:

Parties to This Agreement:

The terms "you", "your," and "yourself" mentioned on the website refer to the visitors of the website.

On the other hand, the terms "we," "us," and "ourselves" refer to the owners, employees, administrators of the website and those associated with Assignment Reviews.

Other Definitions:

The term "content" mentioned in the website refers to any set of words, images, texts, pictures and other media components found on Assignment Reviews.

The term “website” refers to Assignment Reviews.

The term "user content" refers to any set of words, texts, images, videos, graphics or other forms of media posted on the website by a user.

The term "third-party" refers to any individual, group or organisation (with known or unknown origin) who is not a user on the website but has published any form of content on the website.

2. Amendments:

Assignment Reviews holds the right to make changes to the "Terms of Use" at any point without any prior notice. The website and/or its employees, authorised administrators and affiliates hold the right to make changes on and/or modify the content of this page. The changes become effective as soon as they are made live on this page. Anyone who uses this site is obligated to follow the changes and/or modifications.

3. Use of the Website – Assignment Reviews:


Our website and its affiliates hold the right to grant the permission of use. They can also withdraw it when it deems necessary.


All the visitors and users access the website and use/post any content on the website at their own risk. The website, its administrators, employees and affiliates are not responsible for the consequences a visitor or user experiences as a result of using or accessing anything on the website.

Changes, Suspension and Interruptions:

Assignment Reviews holds the right to change or modify the content, process or procedure on the website. It also has the right to suspend the operations or to disrupt the service at any point without any prior warning.

Private Accounts:

Every user of the website needs to create a personal account with some basic profile requirements. A user cannot have access to the website or make use of the content in it without an account. The account remains protected by a password. If the user chooses to share the password with anyone else, the website does not take responsibility for any consequences. The website can also close an account if it deems necessary.

One Account Per User:

The website allows every user to hold only one account here. If a user is found to be holding multiple accounts under fake names, he/she will be banned from further access on the website, and the accounts in question will be closed immediately.


A user will start receiving notifications from the website as soon as he/she creates an account on Assignment Reviews. Further information related to notifications is mentioned in the website's Privacy Policy.

4. User Published Content:

The users are responsible for the post they publish on Assignment Reviews. The website does not take any responsibility for what the user states. The content becomes accessible to the public as soon as the user posts the content.

If the user posts any false or plagiarised content or something that infringes the law, then the website holds the right to take necessary measures such as closing the responsible account, banning such content from the website, and informing the law enforcement authority about the violation of the law.

The user holds no exclusive right to his/her content, once it is published on the website. The content becomes accessible to the public as soon as it is posted on the website. The website holds authority over its use.

Everything that is published on the website becomes the property of the Assignment Reviews. No one else is allowed to use the published content for commercial or non-commercial purposes without. An attempt to do so is recognised as a breach of copyright laws. The website holds the right to prosecute anyone who infringes copyright law.

The website holds the right to publish advertisements or other types of content around a user-published content without the necessity of taking anyone’s permission.

The user can, however, recreate content that the website publishes through RSS and/or Atom feeds, on their own websites and social media platforms. Although there needs to be an attribution to the website. Also, it is important to note that the website does not approve or endorse any of her forms of content that the user publishes on those pages.

Anyone who visits the website has permission to access and make use of the content that is published on the website by other users.

5. Policies and Guidelines:

Every user of the website agrees that he/she has read and accepted all the terms and conditions that are outlined on this page.

Our website has the right to share your details with third parties if it deems necessary if it is required by any law enforcement agency.

We have the right to take legal steps if we discover that a user has engaged in illegal activities or is involved with any infringement of law under any particular jurisdiction.

We comply with the regulations of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If the user is found to be breaching the copyright law, the website holds the right to remove the content in question and close the particular accounting responsible for this. The user can contact the site administrator as he/she holds the right to appeal.

If a user discovers that another user has violated any laws by posting a particular piece of content, he/she is bound to notify the website administrators. The website will take conduct further investigations and take necessary actions.

6. Presence of Third Party on the Website:

The website holds the right to publish advertisements, applications and outbound links to other websites. However, it does not mean that the website endorses any product, service or content of the third parties. The user is not bound to any policies and terms of our website when he/she is using any third party link.

7. Changes or Termination of the Terms and Conditions:

The website holds the right to change, amend or terminate the whole Terms of Use page or a specific term without any prior warning. The website also has the right to block or terminate user content. The content, however, still remains to be the property of the website even if the terms and conditions are suspended or terminated.