For any successful business, it's imperative to uphold the opinions and thoughts of its consumers. Ultimately, this is what drives the marketing strategies of the businesses. And one of the pertinent ways to utilise consumers' thoughts is through online surveys. These online surveys allow companies to gather data about a large group of their consumers.

And with today’s technological advances that foster a universal connectedness, the online survey can be an excellent way for companies to reach people that they might never have reached before.

1. More Accurate

The margin of error is minimised with online surveys because participants prepare their responses directly into a web survey. Some traditional methods depend on the attentiveness of interviewers to mention every detail correctly. But leaves the possibility of human errors creeping in whenever a person has to perform a repetitive task.

On the contrary, web surveys are usually more accurate. Since respondents can easily record their own answers. There’s no way to misinterpret a response.

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2. Incredibly fast and instant response

The time span required to execute and complete an online survey is, on average, two-thirds shorter than that of traditional research methods. Since information is being accumulated automatically, you don’t have to think about survey sheets or questionnaires to come back to you. The response time is almost instant.

Online marketing experts believe that more than half of responses are gathered within the first few days while carrying out the marketing research.

3. Use of large sample sizes

Online surveys have a higher reach than other kinds of market research techniques. Too often, organisations may make the mistake of assuming a small sampling of people to be the general consensus. 

But when it comes to online surveys, thousands of participants are well within reach, allowing businesses to expand their sample size to collect data that matches the characteristics of the larger population, allowing you more conclusive results.

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4. Simple to use for participants

The majority of people that have access to the internet prefer answering surveys online rather than using any other means. With an online survey, the survey participants can choose a moment that suits them best, and the time required to complete the survey is much shorter.

The questions that are not pertinent to a specific participant can be skipped automatically as well.

5. The ease of data analysis and reporting

Surveys are supposed to be standardised, offering quantifiable data that can be easily compiled and analysed. While qualitative survey research methods, like focus groups or phone interviews, may provide some interesting answers, evaluating responses becomes more difficult (and possibly inaccurate).

Other than that, many online survey programs offer advanced statistical tools that can be utilised to assess survey data to determine reliability, validity, and statistical significance.

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6. These surveys are cost-effective

One of the greatest benefits of online surveys is how inexpensive they are. Online surveys are cheaper than traditional surveys. Businesses don’t have to set aside funds for mail supplies, printing, or postage. And as opposed to focusing on group research and interviews, online surveys don’t have any expenses for gathering people in one location (like those for travel, catering and accommodation). They don’t require interviewers either, who will need to be paid for their services.

Moreover, businesses save money by saving time. Online surveys collect and manage data in real time. This means businesses can receive computerised results almost instantly, saving their precious working hours and the money required to fund them.

7. More flexible

The order in which questions appear in an online survey can be modified, or questions can be skipped as well, depending on the answer to a previous question to personalise the survey to each participant as he/she proceeds. This makes online surveys extremely flexible.

Unlike traditional surveys, which have to be reprinted if/when errors appear, web-based surveys can be modified easily with a few clicks. Similarly, they can be changed as per the demographics of the population being questioned, making it more convenient for businesses to target specific audiences without having to print fresh survey forms. 

8. Easily stylised 

An online survey presents businesses with the scope to put themselves out there and leave a lasting impression on participants. Your survey can be designed and created to match your business’ website with customised backgrounds, images, logos, fonts, and more.

You’ll need to be sure that your online survey businesses support responsive design so that mobile device users have a seamless experience as well.

Parting thoughts,

Online surveys are a great option for businesses that would like to conduct research on their consumers. These surveys come with multiple advantages that businesses will find useful.

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