Privacy Policy- Assignment Reviews

Assignment Reviews intends to bridge the gap between all academic writing companies and you. We want to establish an honest relationship with you through the unbiased reviews contributed by our team and students. Therefore, we have brought forth a robust privacy policy to secure your trust in us.

What are the data we collect from you?

We get hold of two types of information from you. First, we gather the data that you wish to share with us. Second, we obtain the information from the usage of cookies to make your user experience smoother on our website. We keep your personal details under the wraps following our privacy policy.

How do we use the information you share with us?

It is completely up to you how we use the information shared by you. Our customised privacy settings let you control and supervise our actions on your details. It is our duty to keep you updated with the latest changes or modifications in our privacy policy.

Do we share information with third-parties?

We do not share any information with third parties unless you approve of it. However, we may have to share the details if the law and jurisdiction instructs us to.

What about the URLs on the website?

You may find links on our website that take you to other websites. Those websites consist of unique privacy policies. So, their access to the usage of your information lies in their discretion solely. We are not responsible for their privacy policies in any way whatsoever. Thus, we encourage you to be aware of the same before you share any details with them.

Can you modify or delete any information?

Once you log in to our portal, you are free to modify or delete any of your information at your convenience. You can edit your information in just a few clicks on our website.

Is your information secure with us?

Our team takes the best security measures to store and keep your information safe and protected. Our website consists of secure and advanced firewalls that keep us away from any sort of cyber abuse. We would request you to not to share any of your bank details or private information via email or live messaging platforms.