Checking customer reviews before buying anything online have become quite a popular trend. It helps the customers decide whether to buy the specific item or services or not. But with time, customers have become smarter and wiser. They can easily understand which reviews are genuine and which are not. Customers will have trust issues with an online writing agency with only positive reviews. This is why a lot of writing companies like tend to pass on a few 1-star reviews on their website so that customers find their reviews to be genuine.

You may find this hard to believe, but it is true. They are really doing this to help their business in a way you may have never expected. They keep a close watch on customer’s behaviour. If you still do not believe it, we will share a few benefits of getting 1-star reviews for writing companies.

Benefits of 1- Star Reviews for Online Writing Agencies

Feedback from unhappy customers can also bring glory to writing companies' business in a way you cannot imagine. 1-star review or criticisms are not bad things anymore. They just help with making the services look more real and genuine to the people. Here is why more businesses are adding 1-star reviews to their websites:

Improves your conversion rates

If the writing agency only has positive customer reviews, customers will question the authenticity of the writing service. They will have doubts about whether the writing company is legitimate or not. This is becoming a real issue with so many paid and fake paid reviews circulating. When a company has a mix of both positive and negative reviews, it helps build trust in the company. More stars do not always equal to more sales. When the buyer sees positive reviews along with negative ones, they reduce buyer scepticism. Customers tend to seek a business which is authentic and authentic actively.

Shows the human side

Negative business can be the best opportunity to show that there are actually genuine and honest people behind your business. It shows your transparency side. It also shows the active members of customer service who can solve any problems that come up before, during or after a purchase.

Customers learn the other side of the story

Bad reviews do not always mean that it is the company’s fault. Sometimes customers try to accuse the company of a crime they have not committed falsely. Reading replies from the company members will clear out the truth and prove their innocence.

Satisfying unhappy customers

It is necessary to address or answer customer reviews. It is very disappointing to see the regular response like “We apologise for any inconvenience caused by us”. 

It can be really annoying. When customers see how the members are giving a relevant reply and actually solving customer’s problems, it encourages loyalty.

When a writing company contains a balanced perspective of the services, it leads the business to get better internally. Customers prefer trusting an imperfect company rather than a company who does not have a single negative review. This is probably why more writing companies are trying to maintain a strong but imperfect rating of their company since this will strike as more realistic to the customers.

How can Assignment.Reviews Help You?

As you can see, the world of business is always one step ahead with pulling the right audience to their business. You might be thinking that you are playing smart, but you will be surprised at the end. Checking customer reviews on your own might not be the best way to learn about an online writing agency anymore. You would need to do more digging before you decide to buy it. Assignment.Reviews has a team of brilliant online reviewers who have a keen eye for writing reviews on online writing services. You will find genuine and most trustworthy reviews on our website.

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